Pitch your module, get paid for building it

We all know The Dragon's Den right? Pitch your idea, convince the jury to invest in it. Drupaljam 2020 brings you DrupalDen!

Information for pitchers

Information for jury members

5 chairs in a row in front of some old looking windows

For pitchers

Contributed modules are perhaps the most important part of the Drupal ecosystem. Thankfully a lot of modules are supported by organisations but still a lot of personal time is put in developing and maintaining these modules. If you recognize yourself in this picture, we are looking for you!

We are looking for developers with a great idea for a module that has not been built, perhaps because of a lack of time. We cannot create the time for you but we can do something about the reward you get for investing your time.

Come to the Drupaljam and pitch your idea in front of a jury. If your idea wins the contest you will receive €2000,- for building it.

How does it work?

Go to the form (link below) and describe as good as possible what the module is and what it will do. We will make a selection and the best 5 ideas will get to pitch at Drupaljam 2020. 
If your employer is eager to support this module as well, select that option in the form. We will also credit your company, as long as they are also investing at least 40 hours.

At Drupaljam

Pitches are planned during the lunch session. Your can pitch for a massive 180 seconds. After the pitch you can expect some thorough questions from a strict but fair jury. The jury will get together and at the end of Drupaljam, the winner be announced at the Drupaljam closing session and receive the well deserved cheque of € 2.000,- (*) on stage. 
* € 1.000,- will be transferred before starting, the other € 1.000,- when released.  
Drupal is counting on you so ...

Fill in the Pitchers form now!

For the jury

Of course we can not organise DrupalDen without a jury of four competent experts with a critical mind. 
We think it's a great idea to get more useful modules that Drupal needs. And it brings code, community and business together in a fun way. 
We offer a chair in the jury for €250,- which will be added to the reward the winner receives.

You will get stage time and exposure during DrupalDen, which will be scheduled during lunch. But most important, you will decide on the winner and influence the code development in our country. Do good and do well!
Do you want to be in the jury, please send us an email at drupaljam@stichtingdrupal.nl. and we will get in touch with you.