Drupaljam:XL 2019

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Drupaljam:XL is thé Dutch event for Drupal professionals, users, and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Over 50 presentations and activities on Drupal, web development and online success stories are on this year's program. Drupaljam has always been a platform where open source developers, digital agencies and clients meet and share knowledge. This year, however, will mark the first time the event will be hosted for two days, hence Drupaljam:XL. As a result, the event offers more depth to both developers and potential users.

Please visit the Business Day and/or the Community Day.

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Business Day

The Business Day offers eight inspiring speakers in the fields of digital innovations and online business. They will be alternated with a number of Drupal success stories, intended to introduce potential customers to Drupal. The Business Day concludes with the Dutch Splash Awards; an event where the best Drupal projects will be awarded. The Splash Awards are currently accommodated by 8 countries and an international edition is also hosted yearly.

The Business Day is intended for CTOs, CMOs, program managers, product owners, innovation managers and clients who use or consider using open source to realise online ambitions.

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Community Day

The Community Day is catered towards the Drupal developers, professionals and suppliers who would like to share their knowledge and experience with each other. Each hour consists of 4 presentations that are filled in by the Drupal community of developers. Front-end, headless and continuous integration are topics on which experts go into technical depth. Other topics, such as smart innovation in the field of Agile and UX, might also be discussed.

In 2019, Drupaljam:XL will offer space for code sprints so that professionals may work together on the next Drupal release. Our code sprints will also be open to designers and content editors.

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About Drupal

Drupal is a digital experience management framework with more than 25,000 plug-ins suitable for websites and interactive applications. Over 35,000 developers are contributing daily, making it one of the most popular content management systems in the world. 1 in 40 websites works with Drupal, including RTL News, Amnesty International, Tesla, Port of Rotterdam and Erasmus University. It is also popular with the government, among which the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Due to it being open source, licensing costs are low and it is easier for companies to switch to a different supplier.

Drupaljam is an initiative by Stichting Drupal Nederland.

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