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Robert Slootjes presenting at Drupaljam:XL 2019

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Do you have a topic your are passionate about and want to share with your fellow community members? Some of the topics below are very popular and will guarantee a full room:

  • What's new in Drupal 9
  • Migrating Drupal 7/8  to Drupal 9
  • Headless / Serverless / Decoupled
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
  • Automated testing


Have something completely different to share, perhaps not even directly related to Drupal? No problem! We want to create a program with enough in-depth sessions but also some much needed variation so visitors have something to choose from.

We prefer your session in English so our international visitors can listen too. But if this is a blocker for you and you have a great topic, we do allow some Dutch sessions.  

Speaker registration ends on September 20 2020. We will make a final selection of our speakers on September 30.   

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