Acquia, Dave Thomas


  • Acquia Cloud IDE - Drupal Based Code Editor-as-a-Service

    With every local development solution, you have to download, install and troubleshoot. Troubleshooting is made especially difficult because your computer isn't exactly like everyone else's. Your problems are unique because your computer is unique. You're either on Windows, Mac or Linux. You have unique directory structures, unique hardware and unique security concerns. Acquia Cloud IDE is the solution. It's the only Cloud-based IDE for Drupal. We've done all the configuration and optimising for you. With Cloud IDE, you still have your own development environment, but now it’s in the Cloud. That means you don’t have to download, install or troubleshoot software on your own machine. Don’t worry about Windows, admin privileges, slow hardware or firewalls. Acquia Cloud Platform will spin up a brand new environment for you and it will work “out of the box.” Join us for this short session where we will be demonstrating first hand how Acquia Cloud IDE works, and more importantly, how it could work for you.

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