Andrey Posudevsky

Team Lead @ We are you, Freelancer

Andrey is lead developer with passion about performance and cross-platform apps. He likes Drupal enough to get Acquia Certified as Drupal 8 Backend Developer.
Headless adept, occasional speaker, team lead with strong interest in everything Full Stack.
Drupal, Gatsby, React, PWAs, API-first, complex architecture of high-load products inspire him to build better apps.


  • Headless static websites and PWAs with Gatsby and Drupal

    During last few years headless architecture became more and more popular while developing modern webApps. The development stack is rapidly changing and we need to change along with it to stay competitive on the market.

    This session aims to explain how to decouple Drupal using Gatsby, what Progressive Web App and Service Worker are, how to use graphQL with Drupal and static websites, what are the advantages of such decoupling and how to overcome most encountered problems.
    By the end of this session you will be familiar with headless hype words and know how to apply mentioned techniques in your projects.


    12:00-13:00 in Loods 5 - Community Day