Drupaljam re:Boot team


  • Walk in

    Welcome to Drupaljam re:Boot. Normally we would pour you a nice cup of coffee and you could meet with your fellow attendees. The first part we are unable to do in an online event, the second however is built in. Go meet with other attendees, visit the sponsor booths, check out the full schedule in the lobby. We hope you will have a great experience at Drupaljam re:Boot.

  • PubQuiz

    There is only one good way to finish the Drupaljam re:Boot community day, the world famous Drupaljam PubQuiz!

    Test your knowledge about Drupal and it's community. Gather up with a team of people you know, or better yet, people you don't already know.

    The PubQuiz starts at 17:30 and end at 18:30. To participate you need either a community day ticket or a full conference ticket. Both are FREE thanks to our great sponsors.

  • Lunch and networking

    Get yourself a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on your timezone. Take the opportunity to create a BoF session or join the contribution room/

  • Contribution day - Opening

    A small word of welcome and an explanation of things to come during the day.

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