Erwin Blom

Erwin Blom makes media on innovation end helps companies innovate. After 10 years as the head of new media at Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, he started the platform Fast Moving Targets (FMT). In the almost 10 years of FMT-show Top Names he's interviewed a 1.000 Dutch innovators and entrepreneurs. Two years ago he co-founded the Sportinnovatiestudio to help sports organizations innovate. One of his other projects is de Productschool, an online education platform where people learn how to build products without technological skills.


  • The democratisation of everything

    As the head of the new media department of Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, Erwin Blom was responsible for making multi media CMS MMBase open source in the nineties. He is still a firm believer in the power of open source, but his real passion now is the so-called no-code movement: being able to build products without technological knowledge. Going from idea to product is becoming more cheap, easy, and quick by the day. Digitization means the democratization of everything. No-code is the last step. Blom will talk about his love for no-code but will ask as well why the open-source world and ideology is not in sight in the no-code world.