Floris Anemaet

Service Manager @ Dutch Open Projects

My name is Floris Anemaet and I am a Service Manager for Dutch Open Projects, a company with well over 10 years of experience with Drupal. I love the challenge of keeping my customers satisfied and making sure our internal organization works at maximum efficiency. I enjoy analyzing internal company processes and finetuning them. Operational planning and dashboarding have my particular interest.


  • The road to ISO certification

    About a year ago we at Dutch Open Projects came to the conclusion that we wanted to get ISO 27001 certified. It could potentially boost our sales, qualify us for certain projects, and prove that, as far as information security management is concerned, we are handling it the right way.


    While we were at it, we decided to also get certified for ISO 9001: quality management. And guess what? We made it. In this session I will give you an introduction into ISO 27001 and 9001. I will tell you about our journey into certification: the pitfalls and how we finally reached our destination.

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