Floris van Geel

Drupal entrepreneur @ 040Lab


  • Hosting large scale conferences with open source tools

    With the recent developments around COVID-19 all conferences get delayed or canceled.
    Some make it online and then use closed or sometimes dangerous protocols like Zoom.
    I personally miss going to open source conferences and meeting my old and new friends.
    This crisis has new opportunities that we can go to other virtual conferences that on site would not have a place in budget or agenda.
    The challenge to connect our community and make the experience a fast, safe and secure service.
    In this talk i will explain what we are building now, a massive online conference platform for open source events.
    It is a build on jitsi meet with rocket power and drupal authentication and some other nice streaming tools and features. Likewise features have enabled the linux plumbers to host a conference for 1000 people. In december we face a challenge to host 65k attendees.

    This session will handle on how to organise sustainable conferences with drupal and an open source toolchain.

  • Cloud agnostic Drupal

    In current times everybody is hopping into the cloud, the thing that used to be virtual machines. It’s quite easy these days to get into public clouds like Google, Azure or Amazon.
    What about jumping between clouds? That's more and more difficult especially when the logic is engineered deeper into a specific cloud service.

    In practice there is two kind of services: stateful (persistence layers like databases) and stateless (runners, functions and ) and hybrid services;
    Virtualized and elastic environment

    Introducing terraform, This free open source tool by Hashicorp allows you to program Infrastructure as Code to provision and manage any cloud, infrastructure, or service.

    Now let’s bring this back to Drupal, i remember a presentation in 2010 in Drupalcon Copenhagen on `How to Manage Your Cloud by Drupal` at that time cloud was in its infancy and simplistically phrased: much more than re-marketed virtual machines.

    Currently the cloud has gotten its own complexity each slightly different by vendors.
    This talk will focus on how to get acquainted with terraform the Drupal cloud module and a consistent workflow from your localhost to private and public cloud implementations.

    This is a technical talk at medium level to cope with the following challenges:
    Dependencies, scale, variance and change.

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