Gábor Mészáros and Elisabeth Escribano

Senior Drupal Developer & Lead architect @ Youwe


Senior Backend engineer with passion of improving productivity around projects on large scale, working with Drupal for 12 years.



Senior Backend developer with 12 years of experience in Drupal not only dedicated to improving processes and efficiency for the daily tasks, but also committed in helping her team grow and shine using coaching and mentoring skills.


  • DDev “The” Dev - supercharge your day to day productivity

    Is your docker slow in Mac OS? Do your team members have different operating systems? Does your onboarding time take forever? Is Thursday morning your worst security-updates-nightmare? We found the answer! DDev with generalized operational scripts.


    Onboarding, switching between branches/projects, last minute security updates. The day to day challenges of a developer that need to be sorted out. We’ve chosen DDev as the main abstraction layer for this to supercharge our productivity and enhance it with a few generalized operational scripts. The results were outstanding and we’d like to share this with you.


    In this session not only we will walk you through the theory but also the practical examples such as:

    Drupal multisite with multiple SOLR cores
    Decoupled Drupal One-command solution when starting a project from an installation profile … and more

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