Hans van Wezenbeek & Amarja van der Woerd

Senior Software Engineer @ Synetc

Hans van Wezenbeek

I've been working with Drupal for over 13 years. I started as a site builder back in Drupal 6, switched to front-end developing and then became a backend developer. I'm also a team lead at Synetic and provide coaching leadership to my team members.

Amarja van der Woerd

Hi, my name is Amarja. I am a certified Strengths Coach and my company name is Trailblazing People. In my daily work I help people to identify and unlock their talents. It gives me great joy when people start to recognize that success comes from investing in talents. The past few years at Synetic have been amazing because we have been building on the Strengths Based Culture. We will explain to you in this session why we are so enthusiastic about it!


  • Ultimate culture change: Develop talents instead of weaknesses

    In our society, we are used to developing our weaknesses. For example, your employer thinks you are not very good at planning and sends you to a time management course. Do you think this will give you a lot of energy? And that you will get much better at it? Probably not. It'll probably frustrate you and your development is therefore minimal.


    Major research indicates that you can only achieve success from your talents. While it's easy to name your weaknesses, it's quite difficult to discover your talents. By believing that your success comes from your talents, it is worth discovering what they actually are.


    Synetic has therefore chosen to use the CliftonStrengths assessment to enable all employees to discover their unique set of talents and learn to use them with the help of a Strengths Coach. Curious to see what Strengths are and how we incorporated them into our company culture? Join our presentation and find out for yourself!

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