Jeffrey Bertoen

Senior backend developer @ Synetic


  • How to build and extend CLI tooling: Drush & Robo

    This session is about automating various actions or processes in a CLI tool as a developer using Robo as-is and with Drush. The Robo framework is used as the core for Drush. I will first describe how Robo works. How to create your own tool like Drush and how to extend Drush with own commands. You will learn how to make your life as a developer a bit easier. Audience: backend developers, devops enthusiasts.

  • How to Kubernetes or not, with Drupal

    Kubernetes (K8s) is all over the place. In less than two years it has become the way of containerised (Docker) hosting in the cloud. Should you, your agency or client use this technology? Drupal has been built in an era that JAMstack and Microservices weren't a thing. I'll be giving a brief introduction to K8s and will tell you about our learnings running K8s in production as an agency. We'll talk about managing complexity, common issues around Drupal and how to solve them (think about the prerequisites for autoscaling, aggregation, stateless, blob/persistent storage, SaaS, PaaS-solutions and so on). You don't need to be a Systems Engineer to enjoy this talk, I won't go as deep as to talk about managing resources or building using the Operator Pattern, so sit back, let's get acquainted with the subject and fire those questions at me! D

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