Jori Regter

Lead Developer @ Burst

Lead Developer @ Burst. Not per se a Drupal expert, however, I have been building headless solutions with and without Drupal for years now as a full stack developer.


  • Headless & Drupal, a journey to the ultimate developer experience

    When Burst switched from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 by the end of 2016, we also radically changed our preferred software architecture. Instead of switching to Twig templates, we adopted a headless architecture using the REST API in combination with React. Since then, we have never delivered a Drupal website otherwise.

    Our journey from that first platform to our current tech stack had many ups and downs. We built our own headless framework, switched to JSON:API, switched to GraphQL, added TypeScript to our stack, en eventually started implementing iSSG with Next.js.

    In this session we will take you along on our journey, and share our lessons learned.

    Audience: Developers at any level, however some conceptual knowledge of headless architectures is an advantage.

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