Lawri van Buël

Software Quality Assurance @ 040Lab


  • Security and Authentication with Drupal as an Authentication provider

    Target audience: Backend, DevOps
    level: entry.

    This session is about how to use Drupal to secure some other WebApllication with a Login.(OpenID Connect vs oAuth2 vs JWT vs TLS).T vs TLS).
    I will take you by 4 different technologies for authentication or authorization for a Web / Api.
    This session is a comprehensive introduction with login federation.
    (Login through a different party)
    Specifically for use online with many different parties.
    In this session i'll explain and demonstrate four different mechanism work, what are the differences between them, and when would you want to use these technologies.
    This is a refined meet of the session I gave in Drupaljam 2019

  • How to get into DevOps

    There are plenty of people who can tell you how to become a beter Developer, What is harder to find is How to do Operations well, and become a good DevOp. DevOps combines these 2 workfields and enables good interactions between the Developer role and the Operations role reducing friction between them. This session will bring added value for people working in development as well as operations to learn more and strengthen each other. So we will better understand each other.

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