Lenny Moskalyk

Delivery Manager @ Open Social

Drupal became essential part of my life about 9 years ago. By now I am a member of the Advisory board DrupalCamp Europe, co-organiser of DrupalCamp Kyiv and a passionate member of Drupal community. Years ago I started my career in IT as a copywriter and made my way to Delivery manager. I'm a wonderer, I'm a professional, I am Ukrainian.


  • ...And then I saw Ukraine

    I thought I knew what bravery was. And then I saw Ukraine (c) New York Times


    What is bravery in our reality? Maybe it is reading news in the morning. Or, perhaps, making commits between hiding in a bomb shelter? Might be it is getting out of your bed, pulling yourself together and smiling despite that huge hole in your heart…


    Bravery has many forms and faces but comes down to a single name - Ukraine. Join me for this session and see Ukraine

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