Marc Canter

Software toolsmith

Marc Canter is a software toolsmith, known for having started MacroMind, which became Macromedia [MACR]. Marc has been helping startups take their products from Zero to One for almost 40 years. Marc currently has a "conversational storytelling" tool called, which combines media, narration, music and interactivity - into a "Messaging App" kind of conversational experience.


  • World changing realities of software

    It's clear now that all companies are software companies. Marc's presentation will take us from the beginnings of the software industry and track the importance, economic power and world changing realities of software. From the nascent PC industry, to CD-ROMs and the Web - the early software industry was dominated by startups, VCs and entrepreneurs who all shared a vision of what the world could become.

    Starting with the new Millenia software took on a more important role as Web 2.0 leveraged a great diaspora of talent that had scattered to the wind after the Dot Bomb blow up of Web 1.0. APIs, SaaS, BigData, Social Media, edTech, adTech, eCommerce, Gaming and 100's of versions of AI have all come into existence over the past decades - bringing the world to the point of a software dominated existence.

    What comes next? Well Marc is NOT allowed to talk about his new startup, but being a true serial entrepreneur you can BET he'll "try" and sneak into this presentation some semblance - of where we're headed to - next! (without mentioning any specifics - of course!)