Michel van Velde

CEO and co-founder @ One Shoe

Michel van Velde is the CEO and co-founder of One Shoe, an award-winning creative & digital agency and one of the leading Drupal experts in The Netherlands. With more than 45+ specialists, One Shoe works for (inter)national clients such as DHL, G4S, Stage Entertainment, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, Thuisarts (GP at Home) and many others. As a Board Member of the Drupal Association, Michel is one of the driving forces behind the concept of local Drupal associations and the adoption and marketing of Drupal worldwide. He is also the organizer of the annual Drupal CEO Dinners and initiator of the global Drupal Business Survey, European Splash Awards, Drupal Marketing Sprint, Drupal Caf├ęs, Drupal CXO Events and a regular speaker at DrupalCon Business Tracks.


  • UX Equity: The added financial value of a good User Experience for your business, brand and Drupal website

    Creating and designing an excellent user experience can improve the value of your company and minimise the development costs of your project drastically. This is what Michel van Velde, founder and brand strategist at creative & digital agency One Shoe, calls UX Equity. UX or a great user experience as a driver for profit potential. In this keynote I explain the 8 most important UX KPIs with which you can calculate the value of UX, explain the difference between Brand Equity and UX Equity, give detailed examples, introduce multiple ways to calculate the return on investment and explain when to choose out-of-the-box Drupal versus headless.

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