Nick Veenhof

Director of Contributor Success @ GitLab

I have been involved in open source for almost 15 years, primarily in Drupal (Apachesolr, Search Api, Product Engineer Acquia, CTO of Dropsolid). I try to be a good coach & mentor by embracing change and to lead by example.


At Gitlab I'm working on how to make it easier and more rewarding to contribute to GitLab and try to make our digital world a better and more open place compared to yesterday. I'm also a member of the board at the Drupal Association, which has a very similar mission!


  • GitLab,, your business and you - the dual flywheel

    In April 2022 I started as GitLab's Director of Contributor Success. GitLab is looking to improve how to incentivize, reward and build a sustainable ecosystem where contributors would be proud of what they build and co-create with GitLab. As I have 15 years of Drupal experience and as organizer of the Drupal Developer Days, I think I know a thing or 2 about this. GitLab works in the public eye, so it makes total sense to reveal all these secrets ;-)


    In this session I will talk about:


    • What the differences are between the Drupal Ecosystem & the Gitlab ecosystem, how do both Open Source ecosystems work and what are the parallels
    • How proud the Drupal community should be on what it became, and why
    • What are the different systems to incentivize, reward & maintain contributors to your Open Source project. How do both ecosystems implement this?
    • How does this apply to you or your business? How can this dual flywheel strategy also put you ahead of the market? These are lessons from both my time at Dropsolid, in Drupal & at GitLab.
    • What did I learn already at GitLab that maybe could be beneficial to
    • What is on the public roadmap of that could be of interest to the Drupal community or is inspired by
    • Things you might not know about GitLab ;-)
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