Niels Sluijs

Drupal developer @ Sicse

My name is Niels Sluijs, and I live in Alkmaar. I've studied computer science at the Univerisity of Amsterdam and obtained my Ph.D.-degree in computer science engineering at Ghent University. Fellow Ph.D. students introduced Drupal to me and advised me to take a look at it. I immediately noticed that Drupal has a lot of potential and that the structure it enforces you to follow ensures that applications are built on a solid foundation. On my username is Watergate.


  • Webform Tokens + Services + Typed Data API + Serialization API

    Almost any website provides forms where input should be processed and sent to an external application, for instance, a newsletter subscription form. Drupal offers different concepts that help to create a clean implementation. One could use Webform to construct the form and utilize the power of token replacements to deliver the input to an internal service. When that service uses Drupal's Typed Data API combined with the Serialization API, a flexible solution is realized to validate and convert the data to the needs of the external application. This session presents the details of implementing such a solution and shows the advantages of integrating with existing Drupal components.

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