Rachel Lawson

Community Liaison @ the Drupal Association

Rachel Lawson is the Community Liaison at the Drupal Association, spending her time providing an ear to the Drupal Community whilst pushing forward initiatives to support the community such as the Event Organisers Working Group and her latest initiative; a total refresh of the Drupal Getting Involved Guide. Rachel has had the opportunity to experience the needs of many different sectors; including Education, Defence, Finance and Pharmaceutical Marketing. She is most often spotted these days travelling to events on her motorbike… 


  • Drupal Association - Ask-Me-Anything

    An open dialogue with the Drupal Association on why, how and what it does to support the future of the Drupal project.


    As the Drupal project has grown and changed over the last 20 years, the organisation supporting Drupal.org has changed as well. This session offers the chance to hear about some of the various initiatives the Drupal Association has been working on and ask questions. The panel includes Drupal Association Board members Audra Martin Merrick, Baddý Sonja Breidert and Michel van Velde as well as Rachel Lawson, the Drupal Association community Liaison staff member. This AMA (ask me anything) session invites attendees to ask about topics they’re concerned about including the effort to run and grow the Drupal project, the decision to change the community election process, or any questions around strategic direction. If you have an opinion on how Drupal is supported, this is a great opportunity to ask your questions and to help create mutual understanding.


    This session will be moderated by Bert Boerland to ensure a constructive and fruitful dialogue.

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