Rafael Teixeira Fernandes

I don't have a serious relationship with Drupal, to be honest. I've been a frontend developer for over 6 years now and i'm very passionate about almost anything frontend :)
My name is Rafael Fernandes, I'm Portuguese and I've been living and working in the Netherlands for almost 5 years now! I already have experience talking in a few conferences in the past, although an online talk like this would be a first for me!


  • Wait, web can do that?

    This talk will be going over modern browser standards that people might not know about. Tidbits of information i've collected over the years with my experience as a frontend developer. Some of them are just geared towards the "huh, i did not know that!" and others are things i'm hoping to actually get a "wow, that's actually super useful" reaction from the audience. This is a talk i've done a few times already in conferences or meetups.
    It is very useful to have some knowledge about browsers/javascript/css/html to keep up but i will not use any kind of framework to exemplify these. Only fundamental and accepted browser standards that are available for every single person who is making webapps or websites.

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