Robert Slootjes

Technical Director @ MediaMonks

Technical Director at MediaMonks with 10 year PHP developer background. Got introduced to the Drupal community in 2016 and enjoy being a part of it. I always state that I don't know how to build a Drupal site and this is still the case however I am very familiar with the Symfony components that Drupal is built on. In my daily work I'm involved in different kinds of projects using various languages and frameworks.


  • Serverless One Stop Shop

    Selling 60.000 festival tickets within a few hours isn't that big of a deal anymore. It does get more challenging when you also want to sell products from different vendors within the same transaction. Next to that, we were also required to go serverless, challenge accepted!

    For our client, one of the biggest organizers of events and festivals in the world, we've developed a serverless "one stop shop" that allows users to buy products at various affiliated vendors while only having to pay once. The application runs at AWS and we've used several services in the ecosystem to accomplish this.

    This session highlights the reason behind the one stop shop, the architecture behind it, issues we've encountered and how we've solved them. This session is mostly interesting for developers and devops engineers however it will also give managers something to think about.

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