Rolf van de Krol

Software Architect @ SWIS

Drupal Developer since 2008 at several Dutch agencies, worked on the organisation of Drupaljam for a few years.


  • How to automatically update your Drupal site with composer

    In order to keep Drupal sites secure, updating as soon as security updates are released is important. For Drupal core automatic updates is now stable, and contrib is work-in-progress, but this process doesn’t work very well with composer and keeping your composer.lock in version control. We devised a process to automatically update all the Drupal sites we maintain for our clients which applies the updates directly in git, tests them and deploys them to our acceptance environment. Deploying to production is a matter of merging a pull request.


    This session presents the solution we created, the challenges we faced and opens a discussion on how agencies can improve their update process.

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