Sebastiaan van der Lans

Trusted Web Foundation

Sebastiaan is chairman of the Trusted Web Foundation & founder and COO of WordProof. He has a big heart for open source.


In 2006 he co-founded Amsterdam-based open-source agency ‘Van Ons’, which is a leading digital agency now, serving over 100M page views a year.


In 2020, WordProof won Europe’s 'Blockchains for Social Good’ contest. Sebastiaan has a strong passion for improving the playing fields of publishing, SEO, and e-commerce. Solutions by his teams are actively being used by over 200.000 organizations.


Let’s build the Trusted Web, together!


  • How To Fix the Web with Drupal and Blockchain

    The internet has a deep-rooted issue: trust. Fake news and online fraud are at their all-time highs. How do visitors know whether information can be trusted? How can website owners claim ownership over their content?


    If only we could operate the web with the transparency, friendliness, and openness of open source communities?


    In this energetic 30-minute talk + Q&A, Sebastiaan will take you on an inspiring journey toward a trustworthy and inclusive web, powered by the principles of our community. Meanwhile, we might be able to massively improve our SEO as search engines move towards rewarding transparency and accountability. 


    Through open source principles, we can build a world we truly want to live in. Let's build a trusted web, together!

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