Teun van Veggel

Freelance Drupal Consultant

I am Teun, I'm Dutch and live in Spain in a town called Galapagar. After trying architecture, I have been a freelance Drupal engineer for over 10 years, working for clients in Spain, the UK and the Netherlands.

I've attended a good few Drupal events and been speaker at some (https://nuez.io/talks/).


  • How to stand on the shoulder of giants and not fall off

    Drupal has become enterprise level. Most Drupal projects are run by full-fledged multidisciplinary teams including scrum-masters, product-owners, designers and developers.


    Do we always need those big teams to build our projects?


    In this session I would like to discuss the perks and pitfalls of working alone, using my own experience as the sole developer of an enterprise-level application currently used by the Port of Rotterdam and dozens of local governments and institutions.

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