The organisation behind
Drupaljam:XL 2019

As always, Drupaljam is being organised by a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Led by Carole Grootenboer we are pushing our limits and have been scaling up Drupaljam to two days.

    The team members of Drupaljam:XL 2019

    • Carole Grootenboer
    • Imre Gmelig Meijling
    • Lara van Zuilen
    • Tessa Bakker
    • Arie Nieuwkoop
    • Eric Mulder
    • Sjoerd van der Vis
    Organisation members of Drupaljam:XL 2019. Right to left: Arie, Sjoerd, Tessa, Eric, Imre, Lara and Carole.

    Brand identity design

    For Drupaljam:XL a new logo and matching brand identity style has been developed by Ruben Meines. It lends a recognisable face to Drupaljam.

    The result can be seen in the logo. The well-known Drupal drop is constructed by a visual interpretation of rules of code, which nicely cover for the Open Source concept. The colours represent the community behind Drupal.

    For the brand identity a Bold design has been chosen, with a dark look and feel. This way Drupaljam really aims to distinguish itself from other Drupal events.

    With special thanks to


    • Daan van Vlimmeren (Burst), for the development of the Billboard banner
    • Bert Boerland (Appnovation) and Marc van Gend (LimoenGroen), for organising the PubQuiz
    • Mara van Gameren, for marketing and communication support
    • Eelco Romein (POI Creatives) for the photo and video reportage
    • Jeroen van den Berg (Burst) and Erik Huijs for the organisation of the Dutch Splash Awards 2019