Björn Brala

Technical director @ SWIS

Core maintainer for JSON:API, technical director at


  • State of JSON:API

    2 years ago JSON:API was released in Core, this was a huge milestone for Drupal. The focus on JSON:API is what is enabling Drupal to become a project beyond PHP, and is enabling more JavaScript components and Decoupled Drupal sites.


    It’s time to look ahead to the challenges Drupal faces and how JSON:API will have to grow to keep Drupal ahead in the game. Facilitating JS components and Decoupled architectures. But also paving the way for Drupal to slot into any composable architecture.


    In this session we look at what we have accomplished since the launch of JSON:API, what has improved and how have we moved forward.


    We look at the results of the survey sent to (potential) JSON:API users to show how the community uses JSON:API and more importantly, what needs to improve.


    From here we look at the future, what are the main goals we want to accomplish in Drupal 10 and beyond.

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