Eelke Blok

Lead Drupal Developer @ iO

Lead Drupal developer at iO Utrecht, working with Drupal for over 13 years. Husband, dad, cyclist and gearhead.


  • Working in the Drupal Issue Queue (canceled)

    Have you ever encountered an issue in Drupal or one of the many contributed projects? Do you know what to do next?


    When you would like to start contributing to the Drupal open source project, you will quickly run into the need to work in the Drupal issue queue. This talk aims to give you a flying start.

    We will discuss:

    • What are issues and what is the issue queue?
    • Issue statuses and priorities
    • Issue templates Gitlab and merge requests
    • The old patch-workflow


    Now updated for a more in-depth look into the new(ish) merge request workflow. Welcome to the 21st century!

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