Eelke Blok

Webdeveloper @ OneShoe

Drupaler since 2008. Lead developer at One Shoe since 2015. Father, husband, gearhead.


  • Working in the Drupal issue queue

    Have you ever encountered an issue in Drupal or one of the many contributed projects? Do you know what to do next? This session is about searching the issue queue, filing issues and creating patches when you solve something yourself.

  • State of Drupal 9

    Drupal 9 has been out for a while now, but many of us are still running sites on Drupal 8 or 7. Drupal 8 goes unsupported by November 2021. Drupal 7 will follow suit one year later. This session covers the reason for releasing Drupal 9 (and what this means for future Drupal versions) as well as some practical know-how about getting your site updated. It will be most valuable for developers but businesses can also get a summary about the value of Drupal 9 and what it means for Drupal 8 and 7 users.

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