Photo at Drupalcon Lille by Hrafnhildur Ýr Benediktsdóttir's

Drupaljam 2024 Open Up

This year we would like to invite fellow open source communities to share our 20th anniversary event and welcome to join our event, share ideas, find inspiration and common ground. Also we would like to share our knowledge between our neighbour associations in Europe.

We have set up two sessions and are seeking contributors for these subjects. If you are interested in contributing and joining these themes, please contact us at

session 1

The Past, Present, and Future of Open Source

We build on the opening keynote of Dries Buytaert, exploring the open source world: where we come from and what lies ahead. With SaaS and corporate software on one side and the opportunities (and threats) of the Open Source world, where are we heading?

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Competition, Collaboration, and Allies

In the Open Source world, we have friends, competitors, and a lot of dependencies. How can we strengthen our collaboration? How can we learn from each other? How can we gain a competitive edge over closed source software? The value of contribution and sponsorship, along with many other subjects, will be explored.

session 2

Drupal in Europe

DrupalCon Europe 2021 was dubbed the 'Con of Camps,' where together, we helped build DrupalCon Europe with country associations joining the virtual conference. After this, we established the Network of European Drupal Associations (NEDA) to further our collaboration, meeting subsequently at DrupalCon events in Prague and Lille. We Open Up to You to meet IRL in Utrecht.

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Building Communities

We have united around the world through communities formed by like-minded people striving for a common goal, often organized by region or technique. We have united on and find each other at camps and conferences. What can we learn from each other? How can we help strengthen these communities and assist people in starting and growing them?