Dominique De Cooman

CEO and co-founder @Dropsolid

Dominique is CEO and co-founder of Dropsolid, one of the largest Drupal companies in the Benelux. He helps clients to build a long-term vision for creating winning digital experiences using Drupal.


  • New journal? New website, please! by Dropsolid

    Picture yourself working at a major publishing house responsible for hundreds of scientific journals. New journal? New website, please. How to meet these never-ending requests without driving your technical team to the brink of collapse? Simply find yourself a Drupal-based multisite platform that is capable of spinning up new websites at the push of a button. Coincidentally, that’s precisely what this session is about. We talk you through the exact challenges that IOS Press was facing, how our multi-purpose platform solved them, and which business drivers resonate best with companies to prove Drupal’s worth and flexibility.

    Hint: ownership and faster time-to-market go a long way.